Light at the end of the tunnel?

When you build up a huge digital library of games you reach a stage where you start to forget which games you actually own. If you share my affliction then you’ll have been there, the moment you go to redeem a key and realise that game is already in your library.  The next game I selected to play was Light and it fitted that exact bill. I had no recollection whatsoever of getting this game, I think it may have been in a Team 17 bundle many moons ago. Wherever I picked it up from it’s certainly not something I picked up on its own merit.


So what exactly is Light? I hear you cry. Well, I have the answer to your question, Light is a ‘stealth, hacking and action’ game by Team 17 and Just a Pixel. It becomes quickly apparent that the game is primarily a Stealth game, borrowing ideas from the likes of Metal Gear and Splinter Cell. In some ways it nails it, you get to sneak around, you can wear disguises, killing enemies is optional and you can even hack into computers in order to disable cameras and open doors.

Unfortunately these mechanics are often rendered largely redundant. Sneaking will usually result in you ending up dead (after all the enemies can shoot through walls!) and the disguises are utterly pointless because the enemies will spot and kill you instantly. Once this becomes apparent it soon becomes clear that blasting your way through levels, killing enemies or running like the wind is by far the most effective approach


Fortunately for Light, powering through the levels quickly dispatching enemies and reaching your objectives is quite satisfying. Ultimately the game ends up playing a little like a Hotline Miami vice, without the brash aesthetic of that game and with significantly toned down violence. It is however, over extremely quickly which makes it hard to recommend with a price point of £10. I don’t consider myself anything other than an average game but I successfully managed to get through the missions with 100% of achievements in less than half an hour.

It has frequently been available in the Steam sale for around 99p so if you can find it for around that then go for it, however I certainly wouldn’t pay a penny more.


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